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Purchasing a Sun Bucket

Where can I purchase a Sun Bucket?

Sun Buckets are now available in lots of 100 units or more. For a quote and to learn more, send us an email.

Cooking on a Sun Bucket

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I cook on a Sun Bucket?

Anything you can cook on a stove, grill, or over an open fire, you can cook on a Sun Bucket. Check out our cooking blog to see what we're making!

Does a Sun Bucket get hot enough for fried chicken or rice and beans?

Yes! Those are some of our favorites, too. We want you to be able to cook what you want, the way you want, which is why high heat is our top priority. You can boil and fry to your heart's content.

What's Next?

Testing in Kenya: The Sun Buckets team conducted successful field tests in the UNHCR refugee camp in Kakuma, Kenya in August. See some images of our newest Sun Buckets users below.

Seeking Partners for New Model: Sun Buckets is transitioning from production of the first-generation prototype to a second-generation Beta model. We are seeking partners to purchase and field test the new prototype in communities of displaced persons and in other locations where people who are energy impoverished would benefit from stored solar cooking.

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